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Buy, sell and plant by Treeding

In other exchanges you can trade, here Treeding and for each trade operation plant a tree that absorbs C02

How It Works

With your trading operations, trees are planted in the places where they are most needed to combat climate change and restore ecosystems.

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Purchase, Redeem or Transfer or Assets and Digital Assets with US, send, trade or hold your stablecoins everywhere in the world, and be part of the climate action now.


The NAT5 team will collaborate with companies and individuals that are interested in taking specific climate action that will mitigate CO2 and they will use blockchain technology for this purpose. 


Discover our solutions for your. In this exchange you can find everything that others propose but we also help you do things a little bit better for the climate and the planet.

Your trade removes CO2

With your trades we plant trees to combat climate change

Strong Security

Ensures the transparency, validity, integrity and security

The first and unique Climate action Exchange

The first and unique Exchange that includes the world of crypto into the climate action

Initial Exchange Offering Launchpad

Launchpad for Responsible Business Related Token

We Trust In The Power Of Acting People

Everyone’s concentrated efforts are bound to result in more profound improvements in the future. We’re talking about exponential boosts here, so if you haven’t kicked your efforts into high gear yet, it goes without saying that now is the best time to do so. Make Treeding and plant, plant, plant, plant ... Plant everywhere.

What are you looking for?


Here every action counts and we maximize every opportunity


We integrate the crypto world in the fight against climate change and we change the game


Here you will be part of all those crazy people who seek to change things in a decisive way

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Planting trees is not enough and that is why we restore ecosystems, you put the trees, we put the rest ...