Posted on 01-04-2022

What happens when you have Natcoin? 

1. You are helping to create a CO2 sink and become a #climactor 2. You can trade into #Nat5 Exchange and plant more trees and become #treeder 3. You can swap your Natcoins for a #NFT climate action certificate and become #climatewarrior In all the...

Posted on 02-04-2022

Become a climate action verifier

The certificates are verified by research centers, technicians and universities in exchange for a reward in Natcoin. Said verification consists of the issuance of a detailed technical opinion of the project and its long-term impacts that is carried out independently and anyone can participate in ...

Posted on 02-04-2022

ASES is launching NATCOIN

Through the BLOCKCHAIN technology we developed Natcoin to empower individuals interested in making a difference and also allow them to receive and share profits.Natcoin is the Native token of Nat5 Exchange. When you buy NATCOIN, real actions are made, trees are planted and ecosyste...