Sell Nature-Positive and Carbon Credits

With NAT5, project developers can easily connect with potential buyers of carbon credits and ecological assets, making it easy to capture fair value for their efforts.

Do you developing carbon offset or ecological projects?

NAT5 is a blockchain platform that streamlines the process of certifying, tokenizing, and selling carbon credits and ecological assets.

With NAT5, you can get paid what your project is worth, rather than what middlemen want to give you.

Easily certify, tokenize and sell credits/assets

NAT5 cuts out the middlemen who often take advantage of project developers and drive up prices for buyers, instead connecting them directly. This results in a fairer system for all involved.

Simple Interface

Secure Transactions

Instant Payouts

Passive Income

Transparent Data

More Liquidity

How we solve the problem

We make it easy for you to filter, find and purchase carbon credits according to your criteria..


Certify your project with aOCP

We certify projects in a few weeks thanks to cutting edge technology. Our models, satellite imagery and field works allow us to efficiently verification


Receive your payout

Receive revenues instantly upon the sale of carbon credits, plus passive income from royalties on secondary sales.


List your project in NAT5

We make your project available to financers on NAT5.

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